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We provide Reliability Centered Solutions to a variety of industries

Our clients are industry leaders and recognize the value of measurable, reliability solutions.


BC Hydro

Reliability and Maintenance strategies



Reliability studies and CMMS mapping/integration


BC Ferries

Reliability studies and recommendations



Innovative electrical design support


West Fraser

Reliability Training



Reliability studies


Rio Tinto

Comprehensive Maintenance Program


White Rock Minerals

Maintenance Program and CMMS implementation

Company Background

- Reliability Works est. 2002 -

Reliability Works is a member of the Acclaro Group of Companies, with a core focus of providing Reliability Solutions. The Reliability Works team is comprised of Engineers with over 25 years of success in providing Reliability Solutions to a range of industries.

Reliability is essential to any business that recognizes the importance of yielding maximum value from company capital assets. Implementing Reliability strategies and solutions will reduce the long-term costs associated with lost production, repairs, safety hazards, environmental incidents, downtime, quality impacts and customer complaints.

By working closely with your Facilities Manager and other key stakeholders, our Reliability team is able to determine the factors affecting life cycle performance of an item (component, equipment, or system) and create strategies to improve its efficiency and productivity. All Reliability solutions we provide begin with analysis of your company’s business objectives and a thorough understanding of an asset’s functional requirements. Our Reliability engineers then create comprehensive plans to ensure that your system/physical asset will meet its intended and full potential.


Who are we?


Does your current asset management ensure you meet your "uptime" and "profitability" targets?

Reliability Works can show you any gaps and how to close them. 

Let us help you meet and then exceed your asset management goals!

Our Services

  • System Optimization

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • RBD Analysis

  • Capital Project Programs

  • Asset Management Strategies

  • Training/information seminars


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