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August 2017 - Bootcamp courses in Reliability

August 2017 - Bootcamp courses in Reliability

15 August 2013

We run Reliability Bootcamp Courses customized to your Company's needs. A 2 days course will provide a General Overview or you can select in depth modules: RCM Specific (images/CaseStudies/C1_RCM.pdf) FMEA Specific (images/CaseStudies/C2_FMEA.pdf) Maintenance...

June 2017 - Conference Speaker

June 2017 - Conference Speaker

27 June 2017

The Reliability Works team presented at the HydroVision International event, in Denver Colorado this year.

July 2017 - Follow us on Twitter

July 2017 - Follow us on Twitter

25 July 2017

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Case Studies:

  • BC Hydro
  • Plant Efficiency Improvement
  • White Rock Minerals

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Services provided for BC Hydro:

  • Reliability Analysis (data collection and thorough analysis of the results)
  • Maintenance & Spare Parts programs (vulnerabilities and opportunities for development)
  • Comprehensive Operation Manulas and Training Materials


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Reliability Works implemented a plant optimization strategy to improve plant performance.

Current reliability methods were used to identify both plant deficiencies and potential improvement The client implemented Reliability Works’ solutions resulting in:

  • Increased annual revenues by $2 million
  • Increased plant capacity to 97%
  • Reduced operational costs by decreasing overtime, chemical losses and general repairs
  • Decreased safety and environmental risks through less flaring


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The team created an optimized maintenance strategy, assisted with training material and determined the following:

  • Assess equipment criticality; determine which equipment can stop production or reduce
  • Validate design capacities and availability
  • Stockpile size assessment for various areas of facilities processing to ensure that a
    disturbance in one area does not affect another.
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Services Snapshot:

  • Maximize Uptime. Increase Profitability. +

    Implementing a Reliability strategy into your business will give you greater control & dependability in your business processes, provide maximum utilization of your resources capacity, lower your overall operating expenses.
  • Root Cause Analysis +

    Asset failures are often symptoms of a larger issue. Instead of reacting to an obvious problem with a short-term solution, RCA determines the root cause of a problem (or event).
  • Predicting Performance. +

    By utilizing RBD we are able to determine the best design or maintenance strategy for optimizing the capacity and availability of an asset.
  • Asset Management Strategies +

    By creating zero based operation and maintenance budgets, we have a proven track record in developing maintenance and spare parts strategies that are justifiable and reduce the opportunity for hidden costs.
  • Training/information seminars +

    We run upskilling and educational seminars throughout the year. These seminars empower your managers, engineers and maintainers to confidently achieve better equipment or system availability through optimized maintenance strategies.
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